IFMS (Integrated Financial Management system)

For Directorate of Treasury, Pension & Entitlement, Government of Uttarakhand.
This Software consist of these online Modules.

1. E-DDO

Drawing and Disbursing Officers means a head of office and also any gazetted officer, designated by Uttarakhand government in finance department.

Drawing and disbursing officer’s duty is to draw bills and make payment on behalf of the State government. There are more than 4200 DDO in the state are using this module for making all type of Government bills and receiving Government receipts online.

2. E Pension

All type of pensions shall be made through this module online. Preparation of pension paper, calculation of pension, gratuity and commutation shall be generated by head of the office/DDO and submitted to pension sanction authority through this module online. Pension sanction authority shall be checked pension papers and calculation of pension, gratuity, commutation and service history of pensioner and generate pension payment authority for payment to pensioner through this module online.

3. E-Challan

E-challan means online Government receipts accounting system of Uttarakhand Government. The departments which generate revenue for the Government are associated with e-Challan.

A citizen can deposit government money using e-Challan by logging on to the system online. In this purpose citizen must have a Net Banking account with any of the banks. Using this module citizen can generate the challan offline also for manual payment. In case of manual payment, a print copy of offline challan should be submitted at the bank counter. This is a 24X7 facility and citizen can make the payment any time of the day.

4. E-Society

Registrar of Firms, Societies and Chits in Uttarakhand located in Dehradun is an organisation under Govt of Uttarakhand to manage the registration and workings of new and old Firms, high standard private car to lax, Societies and Chits in the state. The main purpose of the Office of Registrar is to make registration of new Firms, Societies and Chits and overlook their working.


Human resource management system provides best management of employee’s service record like Appointment, promotion, transfer, pay fixation, annual confidential report etc. of employees by information technology through HRMS module.

This module will be used by employees for submission of their all type of leaves application, claims and advances. The head of the department/head of the office will approved and sanctioned employee’s leave, claim and advances through online. All service records and employee’s service history will be updated automatically in run time through this module. Employees may also see his service book and records through this module anytime.