ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Enterprise Resource Planning is a software that manages up all the business
functioning and processes of an organization so as to co-operate up with all the
operations. IWS provides up with ERP solution team which specializes in to give
out assistance. If you are thinking of extending up your solutions to reach up to a
specific business opportunity, IWS stands up to help you in fulfilling your
requirement that relates to professional and practical business needs.

HRMS(Human Resource Management)

An organization works up in co-operation of many employees and as to keep or
carry an organization to function up in an organized way, it requires up everything
to work in discipline manner but when multiple numbers of records sum up, it
becomes difficult to maintain up. Here, Indus Web Solutions holds up a proper
solution towards the issue as we provide up Human Resource Management

System software to deliver out for the betterment of organizations and business
sectors so as to manage every detail in recruitments, employee’s details,
employee’s data and attendance to follow up to make the operation go on in a
smooth way.

PF Management System

PF Management System is a one-way solution that holds up the records of saving
schemes of all salary paid employees so as to overview with the facilities as an
employee can claim in his life being in service and an organization maintaining up
with software that holds the records and information regarding the PF of every
employee. Indus Web Solutions provides up with PF Management System
software which helps out in the management of an organization to hold the
records of PF for individual employees working under the organization.

Loan Management System

Loans are the funds that interlink the customers and banks, as loans are being
provided out in a professional manner, it does require up to behold in records so
as to keep and maintain up the information. When a bank or association holds up
records, it makes the work go smooth as to check out all the details in a few clicks.
Indus Web Solutions deals up in a building and developing up software that
designs to hold up Loan Management System and provides up to assistance
towards the employees of banks who works in loan dealing section.

Website Development

Indus Web Solutions offers the service of website development. It always tries for overall improvement of a website. All the members of the team try their best to meet the satisfaction of the clients. Before starting to develop the website for you, the members of Indus Web Solutions try to understand your audience and then develop your website accordingly. They try their best to offer your customers the best digital experience.

Payroll Management System

Indus Web Solutions holds up in developing up and dealing with the Payroll
Management System as it holds up software that looks over to manage up with
the financial aspects of an organization that contains up accounts in multiple
numbers of employee’s salary, allowances, deductions, gross pay, net pay which
indicates to be the finest and easiest way to hold up every details in accounts of
every members to generate up the pay-slips of the employee’s working for a
particular organization.

FMS (Finance Management System)

Finance Management System is a path to manage up the finance of an
organization as the companies deal in many kinds of payments as into income,
expenses, and assets. While the organizations can be larger or smaller in scale and
when there holds up the software to handle all the finances, dealing with records
of finances makes it go easy. Indus Web Solutions provides up with such Finance
Management System software that cheers up the operations to go in easy and
smooth ways.

BIll Management System

While running a business-related organization, it is important to hold up bills that are being dealt up with the customers and business owners so as to carry out the costing in income and outgoing manner. Since an organization needs to carry out multiple numbers of bills, it becomes difficult to handle by hand, it is far better when a system can hold up the records of bills thus Indus Web Solutions has made up software which helps up in taking out all the records of bills at an
organization needs to carry out.

Web Portal

Indus Web Solutions provides Web Portal Services which is a software that is
designed in a format to carry out information from diverse sources, like emails,
online forums, and search engines, together in a uniform way. The information
available on all these sites is collected together and each source gets its own
dedicated area on the page for displaying information and often the Clients will
get an option to select which information needs to be displayed. It includes
variants like mashups and intranet dashboard for executives and managers. The
extent to which contents are displayed is in Uniform way and may depend on the
intended user and the purpose as well as the diversity of the content.

IndAs Application

Indus Web Solutions provides with a software called as IndAs Application which
functions up to design the formats as being provided out by Indian Accounting
Standards Board and throws out to every bank of India that falls under the board.
IndAs stands for Indian Accounting Standard. Indus Web Solutions designs the
application n in the same way as the International Financial Reporting Standards.
To ensure that India converge globally accepted standards, IRFS, Ind As were
adopted by the country and was made mandatory for an only selected group of

Enriched Experience In Power Sector

Custom ERP Software Application Development

When it comes to developing custom ERP Software applications, IWS is uniquely placed with its comprehensive capabilities covering wide variety of Business Knowledge and Technology platforms. Our team develops & deliver cutting edge bespoke solutions which entails interoperability with web servers, application servers, data stores, portals, content management systems, SSL VPNs, WLANs and enterprise applications.

When your business or technical infrastructure requires additional functionality, IWS custom ERP Solution application development team provides specialized assistance. Whether you’re integrating with a third-party or proprietary system, or seeking to extend your solution to meet a specific business opportunity, IWS Professional Services works with you to create a tailored solution which fulfills both your professional and practical business needs.

The Custom ERP Software application development process includes, but is not limited to

The Custom ERP Software application development processincludes, but is not limited to

•   Comprehensive and detailed analysis of
the business needs
•   Preparation of design specifications
•   Initial design concept
•   Programming
•   Testing/Validation
•   Client support
(Training & support material provided)
•   Ongoing development and maintenance

IWS utilizes the best software development practices resulting in a successful on-time delivery. Stringent quality procedures clubbed with benchmarked practices and experienced delivery skills help our clients get maximum return on their IT spending.

IWS has incorporated numerous projects using .Net technology and this provides us a very strong skill set when it comes to Microsoft Platform.

Our technical capabilities include

Our technical capabilities include

•   .Net Framework 4.0/3.5/2.0/1.0
•   Ajax
•   Dot Net Nuke (DNN)
•   Share Point Server
•   Java Script
•   Windows Presentation Foundation
•   Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)
•   VB.NET
•   C#
•   MVC
•   SQL Server
•   JQuery