Tehri Hydro Development Corporation of India Ltd.

Payroll, Income Tax, Employee Claims Module of ERP

IWS’s first Client THDC awarded Pay Roll & Employee claims -Design, development, Testing & implementation of the Software containing following modules:- Payroll Salary Processing, Income Tax, Employee Claims, Employee Enquiry along with the Data conversion for Current year & previous year. THDC is the Public Sector Company with over 6 offices across India. IWS designed the customized Pay Roll Application for company and implemented in all the location of the client sites with is the stipulated time of 4 months as per the contract.

Financial Management Module of ERP

Based on the performance and the outcome of the Pay roll Application IWS was awarded with the Financial Management System by THDC having following modules:- Dash board for Messaging & Email, Notice Board, Diary System, Financial Accounting System, Bank reconciliation System, Interest Calculation, Bank Guarantee, Tax Deducted at Source System, Price Stores Ledger, Fixed Assets Accounting System, Contractor Claims, Budget, Balance Sheet, Trust Accounting, Provident Fund Accounting and Data conversion for Price Store Ledger & Financial Accounting System. Same as Pay Roll application IWS designed, developed, implemented the FMS module in THDC within 6 months.

Annual Technical Support of FMS/Payroll Modules

In post implementation phase, IWS was entrusted responsibility of supporting the application at 10 location with approx 200 users. Since 2008, IWS is providing instant support to users posted at different locations of Rishikesh, Delhi, Dehradun, Tehri, Koteshway, Pipalkoti, Bhutan and other offices and has proven track record of closing all requirements with 24 hours time and on 24*7 support basis. Considering the quality and promptness of IWS services, THDC has retained IWS services since 2008 and renewed support contract continuously. Presently support contract with THDC is valid till Sep 2013.

Data merger for Bhutan Unit

THDC started operations at Bhutan by shifting the office operated from Rishikesh for consultancy activities of Bhutan. THDC entrusted us the responsibility of splitting of data, cleaning migration and setting up new application for Bhutan Unit. The project was completed within 1 month time with utmost satisfaction of THDC.

PF Data creation for 21 years

THDC has own PF Trust and was intending to get exemptions from RPFC and in the process was required to create, consolidate, reconcile and submit for the 1989 to 2011 for 3000 employees. Considering proven expertise of IWS and paucity of time, IWS was entrusted to complete the activity with very short period of one month. Shouldering the responsibility of THDC, IWS team worked round the clock and completed the project within the stipulated time period and THDC was able to satisfy RPFC and get the required exemption.